"To reclaim the true spirit of the day and to change the perception and experience of what St. Patrick's Day can be by providing family-friendly, alcohol free events that celebrate the depth of Irish culture, as well as year-round educational and cultural activities."


One City at a Time, Sober St. Patrick's Day® May Be Changing the Face of the World's Most Celebrated National Holiday,

Simply By Showing the Irish at Their Best!

The idea behind "Reclaim the Day" is much more than just curbing the binge drinking on our national holiday. Sober St. Patrick's Day® is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the “Ultimate Family- Friendly Party on St. Patrick’s Day.”

"Reclaim The Day" is really about our pride - our pride as an entire people. "Reclaim The Day" is something we can all do. And "...changing the perception and experience of what St. Patrick's day can be" is a very tall order. That's part of our mission statement, and I have little doubt that it'll take the rest of my life to do it - and then some.

But, we're not going anywhere, and Sober St. Patrick's Day® has now grown to six cities. We have all the infrastructure and talented personnel in place to grow this to scores of cities in just a few years. Now, that will be a great day for the Irish! www.SoberStPatricksDay.org