The mystical ancient Irish alphabet of Ogham inspired this gorgeous glassware collection from Waterford Crystal. 

Ireland is a country of saints, scholars, and storytellers, where words have always mattered. From the 4th to the 7th centuries, the Irish used an ancient form of writing called Ogham (pronounced oh-am). 

Based on the Latin alphabet and inscribed on stones or sticks, the text is read from bottom to top. Named after the Celtic God Ogma, (the God of Literature) this 25‐letter writing system often denoted ownership of an object and has also been linked to poetry. 

Today, over 400 surviving examples of Ogham remain on stone monuments across Ireland and Britain, with the majority of the Irish ones to be found in Counties Kerry, Cork and Waterford.

Ireland's oldest city, Waterford has been the home of Waterford Crystal for over 200 years.  As part of their Short Stories barware collection, Waterford Crystal has launched a series of special tumblers and giftware featuring words in the Ogham alphabet.

Each glass has an Ogham design and its translation, with four special sentiments in Irish: Sonas meaning Happiness, Áthas meaning Joy, Gra meaning Love and Síocháin meaning Peace

A beautiful celebration of Irish heritage, language, and craft, the Ogham collection glasses come in sets of four or two old-fashioned-style tumblers. 

The collection also extends into giftware and holiday ornaments. An iconic favorite, the Lismore pattern is featured with the new Short Stories Ogham collection, featuring three key gifting items celebrating loved ones: a Father tumbler, Mother bud vase, and a Love bud vase.

Honoring the old Irish tradition of leaving a candle burning in the window on Christmas Eve, the Ogham Scented Candles add a feeling of welcoming and warmth to your home for the holiday season. Ogham candles showcase the earliest written form of the Irish language, with sentiments of Blessed, Joy, and Love

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