Regular IrishCentral contributor and creator of John Joe McGinley has launched a new podcast for parents with children on the autism spectrum.

The move marks McGinley's latest advance on, a website designed to help parents with children on the autism spectrum. He and his wife Eileen live in Glassagh, Gaoth Dobhair, and have been raising issues in relation to Autism and other associated issues for some time.  

He said: "I wanted to share with you my new podcast where I talk to two autism mums about the diagnosis stage of the autism journey." 

"This podcast is by parents for parents and designed to help any parent concerned that their child is on the autism spectrum or currently going through the diagnosis process. The podcast can be found on, google play, and our website"    

The latest episode highlights the signs to look out for in your child and inspiring stories of how parents have had to fight for a diagnosis for their children, It is real-life experience of what to look out for if you have a suspicion your child may be on the spectrum. It also explores the struggles parents have to overcome to obtain a diagnosis and shares inspiring stories of how parents have dealt with this diagnosis and helped build a positive life for their children.

As the instances of diagnosis increases, it is vital parents know what to look for and have the support to fight for resources. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one in 160 children has an ASD, but some well-controlled studies have reported figures as high as one in 59 children.

Future episodes of the podcast will explore areas such as diet, anxiety, and the need for parents to look after themselves and not just their children. 

You can listen to the podcast here.

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