This Memorial Day, we remember those who are gone but not forgotten by planting an Irish Heritage Tree in their memory.

The IrishCentral Heritage Tree is a living symbol to honor those who have left us, and that purpose has never been more befitting than this Memorial Day when we remember those who died in service to their country.

Patriotism and love of country are two of the most beloved Irish traits. As the Irish diaspora in the United States grew, so did the numbers of Irish who joined the military and heroically gave their lives.

By planting an Irish Heritage Tree, you give new spirit to the name of fallen heroes, as the ideal of their courage takes root deep in the Irish soil of their forebearers.

Make a new memory of your brave ancestors by bringing their valiant story back to life and bless your family with the opportunity to once again pay your respects.

Plant an Irish Heritage Tree in Ireland this Memorial Day and share your family legacy and tell their tale. 

Our trees are planted in a forest on the breathtaking Golden Vale of Ireland, County Tipperary, a rolling bed of pastureland that has been settled since prehistoric times and was the center of power for the early kings of Munster. It is now noted as a region of dairy farming and livestock raising.

Planting a tree, including a certificate of dedication, costs only $69.99 with an additional option to receive your certificate framed for an extra $29.99. Until then, even though you can't be in Ireland, we hope it's comforting to know that a piece of your Irish spirit and the memory of your loved one is rooted in the ground.

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