What makes Irish people happy? Well, it’s not money or job satisfaction.

According to new research, family is the most important factor in making people happy.

According to those surveyed, 84 percent said that a family member is the first person they call when something significant happens in their life.

Forty-three percent of Irish adults said that receiving a small treat from a family member puts a smile on their face at the end of a hectic week.

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The top five treats from family members that are likely to put a smile on people’s faces are:

1. Breakfast / lunch / dinner prepared by a family member (75%)

2. All the family having a meal together (66%)

3. Cup of tea being made by a family member (64%)

4. Favorite packet of biscuits in the house as a treat (62%)

5. A night off from clearing the table after dinner / doing the dishes (54%)

The research revealed how family influences us in many ways, including how we shop.

The study showed that one in five Irish adults said that when shopping, they were drawn to the brands their parents purchased, the brands they were brought up on.

And when it comes to sitting down for a meal, 46 percent of Irish say it’s all about family fun.

Sean Nolan, Head of Customer Marketing, Tesco Ireland who ordered the research said: “Our research really shows that we think about our families... family is something that means a lot to Irish people, through the little things we do for our loved ones.  

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