IrishCentral is delighted to announce a 10% off offer on IrishCentral's Death Notices, a groundbreaking digital memorial portal.

With over 70 million members of the Irish diaspora scattered across the globe, IrishCentral's mission is to ensure that every Irish person, and those with a love for Ireland in their heart, is remembered online forever. Use the code IC10 at check out.

IrishCentral's Death Notices offers users a unique opportunity to honor and remember their loved ones through loving messages, cherished memories, heartfelt photographs, and touching videos. In a world where physical distance often separates families and friends, this digital platform serves as a virtual gathering place where people can come together to celebrate the lives of those who have passed away.

"At IrishCentral, we understand the importance of preserving memories and keeping traditions alive," said Kate Hickey, CEO at IrishCentral. "With IrishCentral's Death Notices, we aim to provide a platform where families can create lasting tributes to their loved ones and ensure that their legacies endure for generations to come."

How it works

Using IrishCentral's Death Notices is simple and intuitive. Users can log on to the portal and create an online memorial for their loved one in just a few easy steps. Remember to use the promo code IC10 at checkout. Once created, they can personalize the memorial by sharing their own memories and inviting friends and family to contribute as well.

As more and more loved ones become involved, what emerges is a beautiful celebration of a person's life that will live online forever.

Take a look at this beautiful video dedication:

Flannery Memorial from Chptr on Vimeo.

Irish Diaspora special

IrishCentral is delighted to offer a special limited-time offer of 10% off our online digital memories. This exclusive discount provides an opportunity for families to take advantage of this innovative platform and help immortalize their loved ones online forever.

"We are thrilled to offer this special promotion as we launch IrishCentral's Death Notices," said Hickey. "We invite families and friends from around the world to join us in honoring the memory of their loved ones and celebrating the rich tapestry of Irish culture and heritage."

Don't miss out on this special offer with the promo code IC10! Visit IrishCentral's Death Notices today to create a digital memorial for your loved one and preserve their memory for eternity. Together, let's ensure that every Irish person, and those with a love for Ireland, is remembered online forever.

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