Inishbiggle, a tiny island situated to the northeast of Achill Island, has experienced continuous population decline since the beginning of the 20th century, falling from a peak of 162 in 1926 to just 12 people in the most recent census in 2022. 

The island's population has dropped steeply since the 1970s when more than 100 people still lived on the island. Meanwhile, Inishbiggle's population has been halved since the 2011 census, when 25 people inhabited the island. 

The rapidly dwindling population has seen the island's post office and school close down, with the island's school shutting its doors in 1989. 

The island's small population is also aging, with only one resident under the age of 60, according to a report in the Irish Times. 

Inishbiggle, which literally translates as the "Island of Fasting", measures just two-and-a-half kilometers in length and one-and-a-half kilometers in width and is a popular destination for walkers and day-trippers in search of a peaceful atmosphere with stunning views. It is also popular among people seeking to explore traditional Irish life and old-world customs. 

Every August, the annual Inishbiggle Festival takes place on the island, celebrating traditional island life and highlighting the island's natural beauty and wildlife. 

During fair weather, the island is accessible via boat from Doran's Point in Ballycroy, County Mayo, or from Achill Island. 

Plans to build a cable car linking Inishbiggle with Achill Island were under discussion for decades but have since been abandoned due to a range of complex issues. 

If completed, the cable car would have crossed the Bullsmouth Channel, one of the strongest currents in Europe. 

However, Mayo County Council denied planning permission for the cable car on the grounds that it would be "visually obtrusive" in an area of natural beauty. The council further claimed that a cable car would cause traffic problems and cause housing prices to decrease.