Remember Little Timmy, the wee foal at the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary who was born with a leg deformity?

Just under a month since his birth, he’s made amazing progress thanks to physical therapy, and his owners have nearly completed their fundraising goal for Timmy’s leg-saving surgery.

Little Timmy was born on July 20 at the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, run by Sandra and Danny Curran, who take in donkeys that have suffered years of abuse and neglect or those from loving families who can no longer look after them themselves.

Because Timmy’s mom, Twilight, suffered some trauma before she was rescued from a forest in south Donegal, Timmy was born with a deformity in his hind legs that keeps him from walking and feeding properly.

But as you can see in this new video, thanks to special training and nudges from Twilight, Timmy is learning to move around on his own and even trying to run.

“We’ve been showing him how to manipulate his legs hourly in order to help the tendons shorten,” Danny Curran told IrishCentral. “He’s a real character!”

More than 170 people from around Ireland and, after an article appeared in IrishCentral, the US, have already helped the sanctuary raise €5.431 ($6,085). Great work, everyone! 

However, in order to get Timmy his surgery and ongoing care, they still need to reach their fundraising goal of €7,500 ($8,375).

Click here to make a donation for Little Timmy, and keep up with all the adorable residents of the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary on their website.