A dog that was tied up and abandoned outside Dublin Airport last week has found a new forever home thanks to an Irish rescue charity. 

Jessie, an old Pekinese dog with several medical conditions, was abandoned outside Dublin Airport on Monday, December 11. 

Irish charity My Lovely Horse Rescue has speculated that Jessie's former owners may have been leaving Ireland but weren't allowed to take their dog with them. 

The charity said Jessie was left at the airport late at night with her passport on the ground beside her. 

Martina Kenny. co-founder of My Lovely Horse Rescue told the Irish Independent that airport police spotted Jessie almost immediately after she was abandoned and contacted the charity.

"The dog was passported. They obviously came into the country, and it was fine to get the dog in, but not to get the dog out," Kenny told the Independent. 

"You do have to go through a different process. You don’t just get on a plane and go, it’s just not the way it works. She was left outside the airport tied to a pole with her passport beside her.

"Thank the Lord that somebody spotted her and alerted the airport police. They took her and called a volunteer who belongs to us and straight away we took her in." 

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, My Lovely Horse Rescue said Jessie suffers from hip and teeth issues. 

However, the charity said the dog had landed on "all four paws" as her "new human mum" is a veterinary nurse. 

"Right now it’s a very merry Christmas for little Jessie," My Lovely Horse Rescue said on X. 

Little Jessie 💖

After her awful ordeal being tied to a pole late at night at @AerLingus @DublinAirport, this little old precious lady has fallen on all four paws. She has found her forever family and her new human mum is a veterinary nurse 💖
Jessie has a lot of medical… pic.twitter.com/vV8isirQvP

— My Lovely Horse Rescue (@MyLovelyHorseR) December 15, 2023

Dublin Airport credited the My Lovely Horse Rescue team for their "amazing work" in rehoming Jessie. 

"Great news! Jessie was today delivered to her new forever home. And as you can see, she seems pretty happy with her new surroundings," Dubin Airport said in a post on X. 

Remember we told you earlier this week about the little dog found abandoned at Dublin Airport?

Great news! Jessie was today delivered to her new forever home. And as you can see, she seems pretty happy with her new surroundings. Amazing work by the @MyLovelyHorseR team. 🐶 https://t.co/lIQGjLxbYv

— Dublin Airport (@DublinAirport) December 15, 2023

Kenny told the Independent that there is a "serious issue" in Ireland at present, stating that many people are abandoning older dogs to get their children a puppy. 

"They’re either abandoning them or trying to get them into a pound," Kenny told the Independent. 

"Every pound in the country is full. There has never been a dog crisis like there is now ever. I’ve been volunteering and working with dogs and animals for 25 years and honestly, I’ve never, ever seen it like this before in my life.

"Here, there are animals sitting in pens now. They’re all being destroyed. They have to be put to sleep because there’s no room."