Co-CEO of Irish Studio, Katie Molony, speaks to the Digital Irish Podcast. 

The Co-CEO of IrishCentral's parent company Irish Studio recently spoke to the new Digital Irish podcast about the Irish media landscape and the importance of the Irish diaspora and Irish community worldwide. 

Appearing on the fourth episode of the podcast, Katie Molony spoke about serving the Irish diaspora through IrishCentral and our sister publications; the loyalty and importance of Ireland-loving readers in the US; and growing a global Irish community online.

"There is something unique in that Irish community. Everyone's so willing to help each other out. There's great goodwill so it's nice to be able to connect that and to be able to bring it into one place where people can communicate," she told the podcast. 

You can listen to the full podcast here: 

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Hosted by Patrick McAndrew and launched in late 2019, the Digital Irish Podcast will shine a spotlight on Irish innovators and Irish-led innovation, sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that are making an impact on the global market.

With a diaspora of more than 70 million and a country with one of the highest numbers of native-born people living overseas, Irish influences can be found in every industry. The Digital Irish Podcast takes a globalized view to feature the Irish business community’s essential contributions to the worldwide market. 

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