The Digital Irish Podcast is here to showcase the essential Irish contributions to the world. 

Irish people at home and abroad are doing huge things in the tech and business world — but how do you give the 70+ million-strong diaspora a glimpse at some of these achievements? 

A new podcast launched by Digital Irish, a volunteer non-profit established in 2013 to promote Irish innovation and Irish innovators globally, does just that, highlighting the stories from some of the best Ireland has to offer. 

Recently launched, the Digital Irish Podcast will shine a spotlight on Irish innovators and Irish-led innovation, sharing the success stories of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that are making an impact on the global market. With a diaspora of more than 70 million and a country with one of the highest numbers of native-born people living overseas, Irish influences can be found in every industry. The Digital Irish Podcast takes a globalized view to featuring the Irish business community’s essential contributions to the worldwide market. 

Hosted by Patrick McAndrew, the first episode of Digital Irish Podcast launched on Monday, November 4, featuring Daire Hickey, Managing Partner at 150 Bond and co-founder of Web Summit. 

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At a time when the Irish economy was at its lowest point, Daire Hickey along with his two co-founders managed to draw some of the largest names in Silicon Valley and the world’s business media attention to Dublin for a gathering of tech entrepreneurs called Web Summit. That gathering would grow into the largest tech conference in Europe and become labeled as the ‘Davos for Geeks’. 

In 2017 Daire left Web Summit to launch 150 Bond and gives the podcast an insight into his company which has an intentionally discreet online presence.

You can listen to the first podcast here: 

According to Digital Irish, each podcast will feature one long-form interview with a successful and established entrepreneur, corporate innovator or global leader, as well as two short-form interviews with Irish-founded startups. In the first episode, we also hear from two Irish-founded start-ups, taking us through the pains and triumphs when starting a new venture. Startups will have an opportunity to share an ask with the Digital Irish Community - just like at the organization’s live events. The ask is typically related to recruiting talent, raising funds, or introductions to target customers. The goal is to strengthen this community through the podcast so that Irish people around the world can support each other to achieve success. 

The Digital Irish Podcast is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. For more, visit 

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