Sunday, March 22, is Mother's Day! What better way to mark it than celebrating Ireland's youngest grandmother (who won this title over New Years 2019). Happy Mother's Day!

Deborah Murphy became a grandmother at the turn of the new year and joins the ranks as one of Ireland's youngest grandparents. Murphy, 33, is thought to be Co Cork’s youngest grandmother after her 17-year-old daughter gave birth around the turn of the new year.

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Murphy, a talented vocalist, spoke with Cork’s Red FM about her experience becoming a grandmother at a relatively young age, a journey she herself went through.

Murphy told The Irish Mirror: “It was a shock at the start, knowing I was going to become a grandmother, but it is lovely, I am very happy.

“There is a beautiful little girl coming home soon and we are all so excited, she was six weeks early so she is still in the hospital.”

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Fellow Co Cork woman Phillipa Nairn also became a grandmother at the age of 33 when her 16-year-old daughter Stephanie gave birth to her first child five years ago.

Stephanie, who is now 22 and has two young children, told The Irish Mirror: “They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but in our case, the apple never actually fell off the tree at all."

In an Instagram post, Stephanie engaged with her followers about the "controversy" that surrounds being a teen mom, and encouraged other teens to use protection, but also advised young moms to seek resources when needed.

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TEEN PREGNANCY Here’s a topic that I and many other girls are no stranger to , the controversy! “She’s only a baby herself” “babies having babies” Well look this is how it is , YES people under seventeen are sexually active . Not all but some . I mean yes it’s not supposed to happen but is does and I’m sure will continue to happen . Young people are always becoming parents ! My mom was a young mum and now I am too ! I was sixteen when I became a mummy . I did everything the exact same as a mother of thirty would have . I fed, washed and clothed my babies and guess what ? They are still perfect , still the exact same as any other child . Don’t get me wrong it was tough at times .. tears where shed but the smiles cured everything ! I just want young girls to know sex will still be there when you’re older you don’t have to give it up so young ! And protection is so important not just from pregnancy. But from horrible infections and diseases! Some that cannot be reversed and trust me on the fact that a baby takes a lot of work ! .. never mind two ! .. what’s everyone else’s thoughts ? ! And for any young mums in cork , there is an amazing support service teen parents support program. Ask for trish .. slay young mummies !! And carry on doing the best you can ❤️ . Steph x

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In 2018, Ian O’Brien, a native of Dublin, also became a grandfather at the age of only 33.  However for O'Brien, becoming a father as a teen wasn't an easy experience, and looking back, he says he wasn't prepared. He told The Irish Sun that he's making up for lost time with his grandchildren.

However, the 33-year-old grandparents were all beaten by a long shot in 2015 when The Independent reported a 29-year-old, who did not want her name published, became a grandmother when her 14-year-old daughter became pregnant.

Did you become a parent or grandparent at a young age? Share your experience in the comments.

* Originally published in January 2020.