The Irish Pubs Global Federation has announced that it will host their US gathering for pub owners in Boston on September 26.

This one-day gathering of Irish pub owners & managers will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, as part of the inaugural iFest. This conference will appeal to publicans hoping to improve, develop and grow pubs in a particular difficult time for the industry.

“Boston has some of the most iconic Irish Pubs in the world and the Boston Chapter of Irish Pubs Global is one of the most important in the world. The Irish pub industry in Boston has certainly had its challenges of course but it still has a really rich heritage and a variety of Irish pubs producing the great Irish pub experience,” said Kevin McParland, Executive Director of Irish Pubs Global on hosting this year’s conference in Massachusetts.

He added “It’s no accident that some of the very best Irish pubs in the world are right here like Mr. Dooley's in downtown Boston and The Burren in Somerville to name but a few. Boston has always been an important location for Irish culture.”

Staging the event in Boston has been supported by the Boston Chapter of Irish Pubs Global which is run by Dermot Bolger, owner of the Port Tavern Irish pub in Newburyport. Both Irish Pubs Global and its Boston chapter have been collaborating to create exciting events for pub owners in Boston and from all over the Eastern Seaboard to come together.

“When the opportunity of working with iFest came about, it just fitted perfectly with our plans,” explained McParland, “To take advantage of this hugely positive promotion of Irish culture and identity was too good an opportunity to miss.”

He further remarked “It [iFest] embraces the same aspects of Irish culture that make an Irish pub such an attraction to customers and we are delighted to be able to deliver a related, but separate event for our Boston Irish Pub owners to come together and improve their businesses.”

The US Conference for Irish Pubs Global is an ideal networking opportunity for all those involved in the pub business and is open to owners, shareholders, managers and senior staff, as well as sector service providers and Irish tourism and food industry professionals.

There will be number of keynote speakers at the event, including Jim Clerkin, President & CEO at Moet Hennessy USA, and AJ Gerritson, CEO at 451 Marketing, Boston.

So far, the response has been positive with an expected 500-600 publicans from across the U.S and Canada expected to take part in the day-long conference. Some Irish pub owners are even traveling from as far away as Australia, the Far East, Middle East and all over Europe.

“Owners have realized that connecting with their counterparts overseas and in Ireland brings them knowledge and a wider pool of information to help them ensure their businesses is successful," said McParland

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