You may have to hold the cabbage in the corn beef and cabbage this year for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Growers are worried about early maturing in the crop leading to big shortages.

Chalk it down to climate change Unseasonably warm weather in Texas and Florida is damaging  some St. Patrick’s Day plans.

 Frank Schuster, president of McAllen, Texas-based Val Verde Vegetable Co. Inc. says early maturation is the issue.

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“We’re hearing that much of the cabbage planted for St. Pat’s is maturing earlier than planned due to the warm winter,” Schuster told The Packer magazine.

“The heavier supply this early is causing some sagging market prices this week and into next. It could also cause some supplies to be lighter than anticipated for the normal St. Pat’s slot.”
Experts say that the combination of lower supplies and higher prices could hurt overall supplies of cabbage.

“Demand is definitely stronger this year than last,”  said Adam Lytch, operations manager at Raleigh based L&M COS.Inc,

Lytch said growers cut back on acreage this year after sluggish markets last year and demand has risen sharply.

No fear that there will be a potato shortage however.

“Business has been very brisk, They’re shipping ahead of schedule.” said Ted Kreis, marketing and communications director of the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association, East Grand Forks, N.D.

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