Chantelle Keenan died in Drogheda after a car rolled over her. 

The heartbroken family of Chantelle Keenan laid their little girl to rest just days after the accident that tragically killed her. The seven-year-old Dubliner was visiting family in Drogheda when a car rolled over her in the driveway of a house. 

The little girl was described as "funny bubbly and always smiling," " her daddy's girl" and the "life and soul of her family" as hundreds of mourners gathered to pay tribute. 

Mourners wore pink and t-shirts with Chantelle's picture to celebrate the short life of the St Bridget's school student, who was the middle child of three. 

"John and Kathleen, seven years ago you were blessed with one of the greatest gifts god could give. The gift of baby Chantelle. You were thrilled," the priest said. 

"You had great hopes and great dreams for you. You looked forward to the lovely events that would mark her life - her birthdays, her first communion, her confirmation, even her marriage.

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Chantelle Keenan.

Chantelle Keenan.

"As two doting parents, you felt so, so proud of her.

"Last Sunday, all those hopes, all those dreams were suddenly and tragically smashed to pieces.

"And Chantelle your child was taken from you in the blink of an eye.

"It's a really heartbreaking place to be - to lose a treasured child and in the unfortunate way it all happened.

"Chantelle was the life and soul of her family, her daddy's girl.

"She was just seven years old, but she was older and brighter than her years.

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Tributes paid to tragic Chantelle Keenan, 7, who died after car rolled over her outside home in Drogheda, Co Louth

— Irish Daily Mirror (@IrishMirror) July 8, 2019

"A child who loved going out on family days, days that she enjoyed immensely. She was funny, bubbly and always smiling thinking of others - a chatterbox if there ever was one.

"As one person put it, all she was missing was a cuppa and a fag.

"She loved dressing up wearing her make up, wearing high heels and a belly top - in other words, she was a really girly girl.

"And of course she had to be centre of attention. She loved to be photographed and she certainly knew how to pose for a camera.

"She was adored by her family and all who knew her. She was everything a parent would want in a child."

He added: "Kathleen and John, don't think what could have been. Think rather of the love that you her parents gave her. Think of the lovely memories you have from over the years."

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