The attorney who will forever be remembered for Casey Anthony’s murder acquittal has appealed to the media to leave the jurors in the murder trial alone.

Speaking to WTSP television in Tampa, Florida, one of the lead defence attorneys, Jose Baez, personally thanked the jurors for acquitting his client of murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony.

The jurors’ names were finally made public on Tuesday, more than three months after they found 25-year-old Anthony not guilty of murder.
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"They made their decision," he said just outside his office in Kissimmee, Fla. "Let it go already."

"I think it's absurd. They didn't ask to be jurors. They were picked," Baez said.

“I don’t think anyone has the right to criticize these jurors and I am disgusted by the whole process,” he concluded.

He declined to discuss his client, Anthony, who remains undercover as she completes one year of probation.

Casey Anthony’s lawyer requests jurors be left alone