Authorities do not believe any Irish people were behind the attack. 

A car with license plates registered in County Kerry was used in a June 24 attack in Odessa, Ukraine.

In an apparent attack on security firm owner Andriy Babenko, the Honda Accord with 04-KY license plates was rigged with explosive devices. It was parked outside of Babenko’s home and detonated when he arrived home. Babenko only suffered injuries to his leg as a result.

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Gardaí (Irish police) have said they do not believe that any Irish people or Irish gangs are behind the Ukranian attack.

A source told the Irish Sun: “Many old cars formerly registered in Ireland are ending up in eastern European countries.

“Some of them have been used in many different kinds of criminality in these countries, such as robberies, but others have been used in terrorist atrocities.

How did a Kerry-registered car end up being used in a bomb in Ukraine? Ann Mooney of @IrishSunOnline speaks to @joemcgill121 on this extraordinary story. Joe also looks at the scandal of homeless families sleeping in garda stations. This and more between now and 11.

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“Chechen rebels have been known to have secured some of the cars for such attacks.

“We have had inquiries about such cars from police forces in the countries where they have been used for criminality. We have cooperated with our European colleagues, but generally, they have been legally sold on here or handed over in scrappage schemes.”