The world's most feared female terrorist, the infamous 'White Widow', aka Samantha Lewthwaite, is allegedly recruiting female suicide bombers.

Lewthwaite, a notorious British jihadi and mother-of-four, is believed to be targeting females and adding them to her inner circle of suicide bombers.

Spy chiefs fear that Lewthwaite has European holiday destinations in Spain, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, and Greece, on her hit list.
So-called the 'White Widow', Lewthwaite's husband Jermaine Lindsay was behind the harrowing 7/7 attacks on the London underground in 2005. Lindsay blew himself up, and was responsible for the death of 26 people.
The Daily Star reports that the 34-year-old is now on a "recruitment drive" and has contacted up to 30 women. She is also believed to be behind several recent attacks in east Africa, where she is based with the jihadist group al-Shabaab.

"White widow" #UK Jihadist Samantha #Lewthwaite is believed to have enrolled dozens of women – including white converts to Islam like herself – to strike at beaches across #Europe, including in #Spain, #Greece, #Turkey, the #Canary Islands and #Cyprus

— Olivier Guitta (@OlivierGuitta) July 16, 2018

Lewthwaite, who was born in Northern Ireland and spent time there in her childhood, is also linked to all-female 'death squads'.

A source told the newspaper,  "One attack in a popular holiday destination will have a major impact on tourism.

"We have seen it in North Africa and in Egypt, where tourism is now almost dead.

"The White Widow hates Britain and everything the West stands for."

"She has completely turned her back on her country and her former life.

"She has mentored dozens of female terrorists and favors white converts to Islam because she feels they attract less suspicion by the security services.

2/ British 'White Widow' Islamic terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite was supposedly killed in a 2014 but this was never independently confirmed and security services now believe she could be alive and planning more attacks.

— Breaking News Terrorism Alerts (@BreakingNewsTA) July 16, 2018

"She has convinced many female extremists that they need to sacrifice their lives if they want to be real servants to Islam."

#BREAKING 1/ Intelligence agents have reportedly uncovered encrypted emails that may suggest White Widow terrorist Samantha Lewthwaite is planning sucide bombings on Mediterranean beaches.

— Breaking News Terrorism Alerts (@BreakingNewsTA) July 16, 2018