Callum Keane risked his life when he heroically jumped into the River Boyne to rescue two young boys who had gotten into difficulty. 

Callum Keane, a 16-year-old from Navan in Meath, was out for a walk with his girlfriend on Wednesday evening when he was alerted to a group of boys in distress. 

He said that one boy was in great distress in the center of the fast-flowing river and that the rest were screaming for help. 

Keane, who has two younger sisters aged 12 and eight, told the Irish Times that it was the thought of either of his sisters in trouble that made him act on impulse. 

"I know if that was one of my little sisters I would want somebody to help them," he told the Irish Times. 

He took off his top and jumped into the river to go to the boy's aid. 

Keane noted that the current was "really strong" and said that the stranded 11-year-old was fighting ferociously not to be swept away. 

Keane grabbed the boy, who was barely staying afloat by standing on an underwater rock, and carried him over his shoulder to a reed-strewn bank. 

However, the 16-year-old was unable to find an opening in the reeds and struggled to find a way out of the river. 

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The distressed 11-year-old boy eventually showed him where he entered the river through a gap in the reeds and it was there that Keane found a second distressed 11-year-old boy who had gotten stuck in the reeds while trying to help his friend. 

Keane pushed the reeds down to help the second distressed boy and then pushed both boys up on a nearby wall to safety. 

The heroic teenager then swam back to his girlfriend on the opposite side of the river. 

He said that his phone was "hopping all night" after the brave rescue and that he only discovered how dangerous the river was after he had safely removed both boys from the water. 

Christopher Rennicks, chairman of Meath River Rescue, told RTÉ News that that particular section of the River Boyne was especially dangerous and that it was as deep as nine feet in places. 

"He is an amazing chap to do what he did," Rennicks said, speaking highly of Keane. 

"Our message to everyone is to stay away from the water, it is too dangerous. It could have been a lot worse."

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