One of the most controversial court cases in recent times has taken yet another twist, as new evidence suggests that Casey Anthony searched ‘foolproof suffocation’ on her home computer the last day that her daughter Caylee was seen alive.

According to the Daily Mail, this revelation has been brought to light by Orlando news station WGTV who will air a damning report on their channel next Tuesday. This programme will suggest that Casey Anthony’s acquittal of murder last year may need to be reviewed.

The WGTV report shows that someone accessed the Anthony’s home computer on June 16th, 2008, the last day Caylee Anthony was seen alive by her grandparents and searched ‘foolproof suffocation’. The same person then logged into suggesting that it was Casey Anthony who was using the computer as she was the only person in the household who used the social networking site.

Speaking to, WGTV reporter Tony Pipitone states that this evidence was unknown to prosecutors during the trial as they only had two percent of the Anthony’s internet history.     

‘We’ve uncovered an astounding failure by investigators that left prosecutors unaware of more than 98 percent of a crucial batch of evidence’, he said.

‘What we found on the data was a search that prosecutors say they would have used to help prove their case’.         

In the report, Sheriff’s Captain Angelo Nieves admitted that the investigators may have made a mistake saying ‘there was an oversight’.        

According to the Daily Mail, Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez knew of the search at the time of the trial and was ‘shocked’ that it was not brought up by the prosecutors/

‘It was something that Jose Baez was willing to defend but he didn’t get the chance because the prosecution never brought it up. We know why now-they didn’t even know about it’, says Pipitone who goes on to state that Baez would have looked to blame the search on Casey’s father, George Anthony.         

Two year old Caylee Anthony was found dead on December 11th, 2008, almost 6 months after she disappeared. Prosecutors claimed that Casey suffocated Caylee with chloroform and then taped her mouth shut before disposing of the body in a swamp. Anthony was controversially acquitted of all charges last year however after a much publicised six week trial and this is the first bit of new evidence that has been revealed since the acquittal.