The British military has put out a warning to its Irish troops over a threat made against their lives by the Continuity IRA (CIRA).

At a Sean South commemoration in Limerick City last Sunday, a statement was read on behalf of the CIRA prisoners in Portlaoise prison saying that any Irish serving in the British military were a "legitimate target."

According to the Irish Independent, the threat was read out at an event, organized by a faction within the Republican Sinn Fein.

At the commemoration, a man speaking on behalf of the CIRA prisoners, told the 60 people gathered at the Republican Plot at Mount Lawrence cemetery, that "we have seen from recent years that in this city of Limerick, that Irishmen are considering a career in the British army – the same British army that holds six of our counties.

"Whether they are motivated by financial reasons or a sense of adventurism, we take this opportunity to say that the moment you don a British uniform, you become a legitimate target for the IRA," he warned.

The British Military of Defence has confirmed that every Irish person serving in its forces will be informed of the threat.

"All Irish personnel are being informed about this specific threat,"a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said in a statement on Friday.

"We condemn any threat of mindless violence against members of the British Armed Forces."

There are 400 Irish men and women serving within the British armed forces.

Police continue to investigate the incident and have since gathered recordings and photographs of last Sunday's commemoration.

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