A British doctor and two nurses have been charged with manslaughter of a 32-year-old woman from Ireland who died from massive blood loss after having an abortion in a west London clinic in January 2012.

The victim’s husband said they were refused the operation in Ireland. His wife had a condition which carried an elevated risk of miscarriage and other complications, but was not considered life-threatening.

The victim, who had traveled to London from Dublin to have the abortion, collapsed in a taxi in Slough, Berkshire, several hours after the procedure, and died from ‘extensive internal bleeding.’

The Daily Mail reports that the couple were foreign nationals from Africa living in Ireland under student visas.

Dr Adedayo Adedeji, 62, Gemma Pullen, 31, and Margaret Miller, 54, have been summonsed to appear before a magistrates’ court on June 19 to face the charge. 

They are accused of gross negligence and ‘failing to take reasonable care of other persons who may be affected by acts or omissions at work.’