Dublin woman avoids jail time with charitable donation after drunken debauchery

A Dublin bride-to-be narrowly avoided jail time after a drunken incident following her boozy engagement celebrations.

In December 2017, Martha Sanchez, 29, of Swords in Co Dublin celebrated her recent engagement with friends by attending a ‘bottomless brunch’ where unlimited amounts of prosecco are served with the meal.

The Independent reports that following the brunch, Sanchez and a friend took a cab from Ranelagh back to Swords but, upon arrival, refused to pay the €30 fare and grew combative.

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When gardai arrived at the scene, the inebriated Sanchez called them “assholes and c**ts.”

Garda Kieran McGroder later told the court that Sanchez “went to an ATM and took out €20 but refused to pay the taxi driver, saying she had no money.”

Sanchez was arrested after attempting to leave the scene while verbally harassing the gardai who were present.

At Swords Garda Station, Sanchez called Garda Elaine Duffy a b**** and tried to run away from the station but pulled a door into herself, which inflicted injury.

When Garda Duffy tried to administer first aid to Sanchez, the inebriated woman kicked and attempted to bite the policewoman, and left a blood-stained saliva mark on the garda’s uniform.

In court, Sanchez pleaded guilty to the charges of violent behavior in a garda station, assault, being intoxicated and using threatening and abusive behavior.

“She is ashamed to say she doesn’t remember much, bar being in the restaurant,” Sanchez’s lawyer said. “It has had a lasting effect on her and she is taking it all very seriously and is ashamed.”

The presiding Judge Dermot Dempsey placed Sanchez in custody for an hour before handing down his decision.

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“She viciously assaulted a garda and attempted to bite her,” Judge Dempsey said.

“I am seriously considering a custodial sentence for biting and assaulting a garda who went to her assistance.”

“It’s a despicable act and she can’t hide behind being drunk and not remembering.”

Sanchez’s lawyer explained that Sanchez was prepared to make a charitable donation in lieu of jail time, which Judge Dempsey ultimately permitted.

Sanchez, who Judge Dempsey said was “lucky” to have “had a substantial amount of money” with her, paid €1,000 to the Hope Foundation and €1,000 to St Francis Hospice instead of serving jail time.