Despite their reputations and large Irish populations, Boston and Yonkers, a heavily Irish suburb of New York City, have emerged as the least drinking cities in America. The news comes just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Men's Health Magazine has just published the list of 'America's Drunkest Cities' based on deaths from liver disease, deaths in DUI crashes, binge drinking and harsh DUI laws. Over 100 cities were surveyed

Boston and Yonkers amazingly tied Rochester and New York, also a city with a large Irish population, in first place. Men’s Health noted that despite the fact that Boston has many college campuses and celebrated St. Patrick's Day heavily every year, the key statistics showed they earned an A-plus like Yonkers and Rochester. Even Salt Lake City, which is effectively dry, only received an A.

Thirteen cities finished dead last, they included Reno, Nevada, St. Louis, and Fresno, California.