An Offaly woman, wrongly accused of being behind the 'Bloggers Unveilved' watchdog account has been left fearing for her life.

Ramona Treacy has been inundated with death threats and even received a mass card in the post stating "RIP" after her name was linked with the social media account.

The popular account "outs" members of the Irish blogging and social media influencer community over misleading practices, shady advertising, and altering images.

With over 223,000 followers, the account has gained serious traction this year. By "calling out" popular figures over their behavior, it has led to news stories and a heightened sense of awareness about how Irish people are being misled online.

After an Offaly beautician was accused of running the page, she was targeted with hate mail with horrific messages telling her to "rot in hell" and "may your ovaries rot from inside out".

Fake social media profiles using her images have also been circulating, and she has received nasty prank calls to her mobile phone and salon business in Tullamore.

Ramona Tracey told The Sunday Times that she is living in constant fear.

Have a read of this disgusting behaviour. These people will be caught. Let's hope they get named and shamed

— Bloggers Unveiled (@BloggersUnveil) July 29, 2018

Tracey said that the past few weeks have been the worst of her life, and that even after the death of both of her parents she never had to turn to medication to cope with stress or anxiety.

Irish police have confirmed that investigations are ongoing into the intimidating behavior. The 29-year-old woman told the Sunday Times that she received a funeral mass card sent to her home which reads, 'in memory of Ramona Tracey [sic]' which caused her to contact the Gardaí.

"I am living in fear of my life. It has reached a stage where I’m taking medication to cope with the stress and anxiety, and I am not a weak person but this has destroyed me," she told the paper.

The person running the page also posted a statement expressing concern for Treacy - urging followers to leave the falsely accused woman alone. 

“I’ve been contacted by friends and family members of someone this week who have voiced their concerns for the wellbeing of their friend who is under suspicion by simply being at an event and doing her job," the real admin of the page said.

"She is getting hate mail and finding it hard to cope. I want to help, but I also don’t want to make anything worse for these people and draw attention to it. (Sic)

“The worst of it however, is a girl who contacted me first back in April after hearing that her name has been circulating as being responsible for this page. I’ll admit I didn’t take her concerns seriously at first. I told her to relax, it’ll blow over and it’ll be someone else next week.”

The true person behind the account added that the "purpose of this page has always been to show the truth. So how have we gotten to the stage where someone’s life is being threatened over this?”

They added that this latest act of intimidation has "confirmed" that there are so many things wrong with the social media aspect of the Irish beauty and fashion industry.

i'm screaming @ at there being a 50k bounty on bloggers unveiled's head, truly the veronica guerin of our times

— abercrombie & bitch (@gary_is_hip) July 25, 2018

The latest post on Bloggers Unveiled just shows the lengths these bloggers/influencers will go to, to ensue their shady behaviour is kept hidden

— Gemma ☺ (@GemmaMcx3) July 26, 2018

Actually feel so sorry for that girl accused of being bloggers unveiled! It’s gone too far at this stage, it’s all going to end v messy. All these bloggers stating that they’re active mental health advocates but clearly it’s only when it suits themselves... disgusting!

— ◡̈ (@idekmic) July 26, 2018

Bloggers Unveiled throws in the towel. This whole thing has gotten weirdly sinister.

— Sam McAllister - (@SamMcAllister) July 25, 2018