Bill O'Reilly has been passed over as one of America's top conservatives by Glenn Beck.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, which released its annual list of Top 100 conservatives and liberals, Beck easily made the Top 20 on the conservative side, but O'Reilly and his Fox soulmate Sean Hannity are nowhere to be found.

This is bound to be an irritant to Bill, who was the movement's favorite Fox crusader for many years. Now, however, the upstart Beck has begun to replace him in the top echelons of the movement.

Beck of course has wholeheartedly embraced the tea party movement while Bill has been a little less enthused.

That may well be the main reason behind the jump for Beck and Bill's disappearance.

Other Irish Americans figure prominently.

Paul Ryan, the young Congressman from Wisconsin who many see as a future leader of the Republican Party, is high on the Top 20 list as is Mike Pence, the Indiana Congressman who once worked cutting turf in the West of Ireland and as a bartender there.

On the liberal list, Bill and Hillary Clinton as expected are prominent and a surprise name is Denis McDonough, who handled Ireland for Obama during the campaign and who is now Chief of Staff at the National Security Council.

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