Bill O'Reilly is backing a bereaved father's bid to sue a Church who picketed his son's funeral
Albert Snyder is suing the Westboro Baptist Church and its pastor, Fred Phelps, for picketing his son's funeral after he had been killed in Iraq.

But Snyder said he couldn't afford the legal fees which is where O'Reilly stepped in.

Talking on his show last night, O'Reilly offered Snyder $16,000 out of his own pocket to pay for the case.

O'Reilly said he fully backs Snyder and will will pick up the tab for the appeals that have been ordered by a federal court.

Snyder's son, Matthew from Maryland, was a Marine who died in the line of duty last year.

After O'Reilly's generous offer, Snyder received over 4,000 calls and emails also offering monetary support.

A federal court ruled that Snyder must pay the court costs of the Westboro Baptist Church, who he sued for protesting his son's funeral.

Westboro is infamous for protesting the funerals of  American servicemen with signs saying God killed the soldiers because of homosexuality.

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