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Speaking about the murder of 30 people in Afghanistan on "The O'Reilly Factor" Bill O'Reilly called said "Everyone involved this story is disgusting". O'Reilly condemned Pastor Terry Jone's campaign to burn the Koran, calling him an "insane Christian".

During his "Taking Points Memo" O'Reilly spoke in response to Pastor Terry Jones' campaign to burn the Koran last summer. Although O'Reilly did not take blame away from the killers in Afghanistan and President Hamid Karzai he said that the blame also lies in the hands of Pastor Terry Jones.

O'Reilly also noted that "Fox News and most other media ignored it” until Karzai made a fuss about it. He called Terry Jones an "idiot" who "has blood on his hands” and said “Karzai, simply a villain.”

The host refused to make this a matter of free speech an angle many have avoided with relation to the Terry Jones issue and called one commentators argument that the Bible was less sacred than the Koran "ridiculous".

O'Reilly concluded by asking "How much longer can we try to save the Afghan people from themselves?”