Read more: Bill O'Reilly disrespects the President of the United States

Speaking on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell, comedian Bill Maher criticized how Bill O'Reilly dealt with his pre-Super Bowl interview with President Barack Obama. Maher called the Fox News host "unpatriotic.”

He said, "I just feel like the most difficult part of his job must be to quelch the rage that somewhere must be inside and say, ‘I'm the president of the United States, you don't talk to me like this. I'm not some left, I'm not Al Sharpton you know, I won this job.’

“And Bill O’Reilly, who claims he’s such a patriot, how unpatriotic in my view to treat a president that way."

However, Maher is now being criticized due to his tendency over the years to criticize former President George W. Bush. In 2006 Maher wrote an article entitled "Mocking Bush Is My Patriotic Duty."

He wrote, "Amid all the 9/11 anniversary talk about what will keep us safe, let me suggest that in a world turned hostile to America, the smartest message we can send to those beyond our shores is, ‘We're not with stupid.’

“Therefore, I contend -- with all seriousness -- that ridiculing this president is now the most patriotic thing you can do.

“No, it pains me to say these things, because I know deep down George Bush has something extra -- a chromosome. Cruel? Perhaps, but it may just have saved lives.”

At the end of his 2006 article he wrote, "That's why we owe it to ourselves, and our children, to never stop pointing out that George W. Bush is a gruesome boob."

Read more: Bill O'Reilly disrespects the President of the United States