READ MORE: Bill Maher goes after Sarah Palin in tirade

Sarah Palin used her Facebook page as the forum to hit back at Bill Maher following his tirade about the Former Alaskan Governor. She called Maher "an annoying little mosquito" and said she would not get distracted by his "vulgar personal shots."

Palin felt the need to voice these opinions following Maher's remarks on his HBO show when he called Palin a "dumb t**t."

Although Palin did not mention Maher by name she did say that she would not waste her time "responding to personal, vulgar, sexist venom spewed my way."

She wrote: "Upon my return from an outstanding and productive trip to India and Israel, I've been inundated with requests to respond to petty comments made in the media the past few days, including one little fella's comment which decent people would find degrading.

"I won't bother responding to it though, because it was made by he who reminds me of an annoying little mosquito found zipped up in your tent; he can't do any harm, but buzzes around annoyingly until it's time to give him the proverbial slap," she continued. 

Maher's comments on his Friday HBO show became the target of much ire. On the show he had said, "Did you hear this — Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she’s demanding that we invade 'Tsunami.' I mean, she said, 'These "Tsunamians" will not get away with this.' Oh, speaking of dumb t**ts ... "

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