Family members united by grief stood side by side on the desolate stretch of Long Island beach where police had found the bodies of four Craigslist escorts buried in the dunes.

The bereaved families came to Gilgo Beach to pay their last respects and to press the police to find the unhinged serial killer believed to have murdered all these young women.

'We won't rest until we have justice, Lynn Barthelemy, 42, of Buffalo, told The Daily News. Her daughter Melissa was among four victims found dead and wrapped in burlap by police last December.

'We have to catch this guy before another girl loses her life,' she added.

Shockingly, police have found the remains of at least eight other bodies buried in the sand near Ocean Parkway since December.



Profiling Long Island's Craigslist serial killer

Craigslist serial killer could be a cop say police sources


But to date just four of the victims have been identified - although all are believed to have been murdered by the same killer, according to police.

The young, white female escorts all disappeared after meeting with clients on websites like Craigslist.

A dozen family members came to the emotional vigil on Saturday, which was organized by Lorraine Ela, whose daughter Megan Waterman is one of the victims.

'No matter what these girls did when they were alive, we're honoring them now. We love them all very much,' said Ela, 44, of Portland, Maine.

At the scene relative Jeff Marina pounded a wooden cross into the sand where police found the body of his stepdaughter, Melissa Barthelemy.

'At least now there's a marker here,' he said. 'I hope they catch this sick bastard.'


Investigators search the Ocean Parkway where the bodies of some of the victims were found