Irish couples are digging deep and sparing no expense for their wedding day despite a dreadful economic state at the moment. A new survey from puts the cost of the average Irish wedding at $27,000, a surprising €1,000 jump from last year’s results .

The Daily Edge reports on Wedding Face’s recent survey, which analyzed 1,000 couples’ actual wedding budgets. The results showed that the cost range for Irish weddings falls between $25,000 and $28,000, but the final price depends on factors such as where and when the wedding ceremony is held.
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Alongside the cost breakdown, Wedding Face found that on average, Wicklow was the most expensive county to get married in, while Louth was the cheapest. Surprisingly, Ireland’s capital, Dublin, came in eighth cheapest of the 26 counties accounted for.

“Considering that the wedding reception is the biggest expense on anyone’s budget, it’s not surprising that Wicklow, being the ‘Garden of Ireland’ and with its many exclusive wedding venues, comes out as Ireland’s dearest,” said the Wedding Face’s director Alan Joyce.

Joyce added that, “It was also interesting to see that Dublin came in as the eight cheapest county in Ireland, where traditionally you would expect the capital’s prices to be amongst the highest.”

Happy couples in Ireland still splashing out for big weddingsDrew McWilliams