A U.S. based right to die activist is inviting Irish people with terminal illnesses who wish to end their lives to come to his new facility in North Carolina.

He claims that a property he has just bought in Gastonia, North Carolina will be America’s first right-to-die hospice. He claims assisting suicide is not a crime under North Carolina law.

The Reverend George Exoo served time in America being held on an extradition warrant by Irish police who wanted to question him about the death of  a Dublin woman that he  assisted with.

A West Virginia court later ruled that he could not be extradited to Ireland

He told the Sunday Tribune newspaper that the new site was perfect for those seeking to die with dignity. "We have just bought the property for the hospice. There are two houses and some land. It definitely will not be a 'suicide tourism' kind of place. It will be somewhere people can die with support and dignity," he said.

"In my view, assisted suicide is only the answer if someone has a terminal medical prognosis or a debilitating illness that makes their life unbearable.

"The property we have bought is in Gastonia, it is very close to Charlotte airport North Carolina, so it is suitable for people flying in to visit us."

He said he would help Irish people with terminal illnesses end their lives if they wished to.
 "If an Irish person asked me, I would certainly think about it. It is not illegal in North Carolina so I don't see what the problem could be. But I don't know what conflict that could create with your government. I have a special place in my heart for the Irish people."

Last year, an Irish man made contact with  Exoo through his church, the Compassionate Chaplaincy, and asked for assistance in committing suicide.

However, Exoo said he declined to assist.

"In that case, I thought the man could have a quality of life through medical intervention. Suicide is not always the answer. In many cases, I advise people that they should not try to end their life and remind them what they have to live for."