Although a smattering of snow is predicted in Ireland over the coming days, it seems that Ireland will almost certainly miss out on a white Christmas this year.

Met Éireann, the Irish meteorologist service, forecaster John Eagleton told the Irish Times “Winter has really kicked in…November was really autumn; there has been a noticeable change now in December.”

However, this December will be not a fraction of last year’s “Big Freeze,” when winds were blowing straight from Siberia.

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This year, the winds will be blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean for Christmas, bringing snow to the higher-lying areas in the north and northwest, with some other minor snow flurries.

Although forecasters are reluctant to say that Ireland will definitely miss out on a white Christmas, it seems unlikely with temperatures in Ireland thisThursday reaching 52F (11C).

In fact, the Irish seem so confident that their Christmas will be snow free that the bookies are slashing their odds. According to Irish Independent, “Bookies had been offering 6/1 odds on snow on December 25 -- but Ladbrokes has cut odds to 4/1 in Dublin and Galway and 5/1 in Cork”.

Joan Blackburn, a meteorologist from Met Eireann said, “The overall weather scene for the week is cold and unsettled.”