Ireland might be about to experience snowfall as an icy spell of weather drifts south from the Arctic.

Due to Ireland’s position in Atlantic, the country is tickled daily with warm, wet wind from the Gulf Stream ensuring our climate is usually mild but rarely dry.

As such snow is unusual in Ireland: whilst mountains can now and again be seen with a white dusting on top, the temperature on ground level is usually too mild for that.

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But next week should be a once in a blue moon opportunity for Irish kids to have snowball fights and make a snowman after Met Éireann predicted a big freeze with temperatures plunging to below zero.

“From Monday to Wednesday, temperatures will remain quite pleasant for this time of the year," meteorologist Vincent O'Neill told the Irish Independent.

"But on Wednesday night, there is going to be heavy rain countrywide and when it clears there will be a notable change in temperatures. A much colder air mass will then take charge from Thursday morning. It will be very cold and get progressively colder coming into Friday."

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The areas of the country most likely to experience a white December are those counties in the north and along the western seaboard.

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And whilst it’s not likely to last till Christmas Day it’s worth pointing out that the Gaelic word ‘Nollaig’ (pronounced ‘noll-egg’) means both ‘Christmas’ and ‘December’. So for Irish speakers at least a white Christmas beckons!