iPhone has announced it is to launch an anti-bullying application for its customers in response to the tragic suicide of Irish teen, Phoebe Prince, in Massachusetts in January.

Prince allegedly took her own life on January 14 after suffering from physical and mental bullying at the hands of kids in her South Hadley High School.

A lot of the bullying was issued via cyber space, mainly through social networking sites such as Facebook and in the form of text messages to her cell phone.

The new application, called Bully Shield, retails at $0.99.

The creator of the anti-bullying program said he made it to offer help to other children who may be bullied at school and are not sure how to cope with it.

Since thie Irish teenager's death, several schools across the country have implemented strong anti-bullying measures.

The Senate in Massachusetts has passed an anti-bullying bill which includes ways to deal with cyber bullying.

On Monday, nine students in South Hadley were charged in connection with Phoebe's bullying.