Ann Curry, the fired "Today” show host, has accepted a $10 million golden handshake from NBC, according to the New York Post.

The 55-year-oldIrish American journalist has been the subject of speculation since word leaked that she would soon replaced on her morning show — even though she was still at the beginning of her three-year deal with the network.

According to the New York Post, Curry's original deal as co-host was valued at around $20 million, resulting in a $10 million paycheck for the final year of her contract.

NBC is famous for supplying golden handshakes to the stars it shows out the door.

Fellow Irish American late-night host Conan O’Brien received a reported $45 million when the network fired him from “The Tonight Show” in 2010. O'Brien's career, far from cooling, received a substantial boost after his senseless dismissal.

Curry's settlement is a carrot to ensure she leaves the show, TMZ reported, and NBC is expected to announce her replacement later this week.

After 15 years at the network, it was a mixed send-off for the popular morning host. Curry is expected to take some time off and eventually return to the network as a foreign correspondent.

According to the Post NBC does not have another job to offer her as yet, and the other networks have not yet expressed any interest in her.

The Post claims it is likely that Curry will end up at a cable news network - most likely CNN - when her current deal with NBC runs out.

In the world of morning television, $10 million is not huge money, the Post reported. "The Today Show" reportedly makes a $200 million a year profit for NBC, making it the network's biggest moneymaker. NBC declined to comment on the reported settlement.

Curry, too, has not said anything about her departure. Savannah Gutherie, a co-host of “Today’s” third hour is widely expected to take over Curry’s job, the Post reports.