Dusty the dolphin, a resident of the waters between Clare and Galway in Ireland, is snatching headlines once again after video footage emerged of her recently attacking an unsuspecting swimmer. 

Last year, a clip of Dusty went viral when it was aired by CNN, and in 2013 there were at least five reported incidents of swimmers hurt or frightened by the aggresive Dolphin. 

At that time, the local council and Irish Whale and Dolphin Group erected warning signs telling people not to swim with the dolphin.

"If this continues, it may lead to a fatality and there will be strong pressure to remove or destroy the dolphin," said statement from the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group said.

"If you really are concerned about Dusty, you will not swim with her – or at least if you do, you should show her the respect a wild dolphin is entitled to."

"It is IWDG policy to discourage people swimming with whales and dolphins."

Watch Dusty's latest confrontation, below: