American tourist Tom Fryxell was recently airlifted from Blarney Castle after he injured himself by slipping on the historic building's steps.

The wife of a fit and active bodybuilder who sustained leg and wrist injuries has called for urgent safety upgrades.

The New York-based couple stated the incident in June ruined their "dream vacation" to Ireland.

Sherrie Fryxell, a photographer, said her husband Tom was airlifted by the Irish Coast Guard helicopter from the top of the castle to a waiting ambulance which transferred him to Cork University Hospital.

Her husband is now recovering in the US, is living in "excruciating pain", and is facing six more months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Fryxell told the Irish Examiner the castle steps are so smooth and worn that they are slick.

“Traction tape placed on each step would have prevented Tom’s unfortunate accident,” she said.

“Additionally, Tom said the [hand] rails were too low, which not only prevented him from stopping his fall, even though his hand was on the rail during his accident, but his knee was also swung directly into it.” 

“Midway down the first flight of steps, my husband’s left foot slid off the step as if it were on ice; twisting his right leg around where his right knee hit the metal rail and he fell onto the step. Later, he told me he heard a snap.” 

In the disastrous accident, the 64-year-old broke his wrist in two places, suffered a knee injury, and has had to have metal rods inserted into his arm and leg.

 Fryxell added that she is sharing the story of the incident to encourage the owners of Blarney Castle to add safety features to prevent this from happening again.

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 “If there is a positive outcome in this preventing even just one person from experiencing the severity of the hardship and pain we have suffered, it will be well worth it,” she said.

She noted that the owners have not contacted the couple in the aftermath of the incident.