Michael ‘Bear’ Carson, or the ‘San Francisco Witch Killer’ was an infamous American serial killer who carried out murders along with his wife Suzan in the area, but the pair is suspected of having murdered others in the U.S. and Europe.

Carson, notably, had produced a manifesto with his wife that emphasized a ‘Cry for War’, which had directly called for the killing of all witches and even former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

Daughter of US serial killer offers DNA to gardai in bid to help solve Irish cold case murders
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In response to ‘cold’ cases of murder in Ireland during the late 1970s, which was around the time the duo visited the country, his daughter Jenn offered to provide her DNA to the gardai (police) in the hope of finding answers.

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Carson and his wife were both convicted of three California murders in 1984, but due to their travels outside the state and the country prior to their conviction, the police have their suspicions.

Wiki Commons/Gardai are looking for answers in these 'cold' murder cases

Wiki Commons/Gardai are looking for answers in these 'cold' murder cases

When Jenn spoke on RTE Radio one, she stated: “I don’t think I can solve these cold cases but I have offered to give my DNA to any cold cases. I know that you have four cold cases in Ireland within the time period and one of them is a bit similar to the modus operandi so I would be glad to give my DNA to your police in Ireland or other European or US forces during the 1978 to 1983 period.”

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She also expressed that her father had been a relatively normal and caring dad until he met his second wife and soon-to-be accomplice.

Nowadays, Jenn works with prisoners’ children and assists them in dealing with the loss of a parent through the prison system. In her case, she had last visited her father when she was a young adult and said goodbye to him there and then because he had become “a different person.”