Alice Little works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Alice Little, a native of Ireland who was raised in New York, is considered America’s most successful legal sex worker right now, earning about $1 million annually.

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After trying her hand at a number of different careers, Little turned to legal sex work in 2016 and now works at Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Carson City, Nevada.

In a May 23 piece for HuffPo, the Irish woman admits that she never pictured herself becoming a sex worker, but says she had "struggled to find work that combined my love for human interaction with something that made me feel passion.

“I had options and I chose to be a legal sex worker," Little says, "Yes, on purpose!

“Everyone has their preconceived notions of what a sex worker looks, sounds and acts like, but I don’t fit any of those stereotypes.

“I’m a petite Irish lady standing just 4 feet, 8 inches tall. I’m well-educated and well-spoken. I’m not the victim of tragic circumstance.”

Though she initially planned to stay at the Ranch for only a few months, three years have now passed and Little has no plans to leave. For two consecutive years, she was named the "#1 luxury companion" at the Ranch and commands an average of $2,000 per booking, which are now by appointment only.

“All ladies work as independent contractors," Little revealed in a May 23 piece for HuffPost, "which means we’re able to choose which services to offer, set our own rates and say no at any time for any reason.

“According to Nevada law, it is only legal to agree upon activities and prices in person. The brothel then handles all payments and takes 50% of whatever we book.”

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Through her job, Little welcomes both individuals and couples into the bedroom for sessions on how to rediscover intimacy and explore a range of fantasies in a safe, consenting, and legal space.

However, the 29-year-old "sex educator" is also keen to dismantle the stigma that surrounds legal sex work. She writes: "I believe seeing a legal sex worker when your relationship needs fine-tuning is just the same as going to a mechanic when your car needs repairs."

Little maintains an engaging social media presence, regularly contributes to a number of different print and online publications, has spoken at over 50 conferences in the past three years, and is a leading voice in the ‘Hookers for Healthcare’ movement.

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On her website, Little says: “My philosophy on sex work is that we live in a world where intimacy is no longer encouraged. We’re moving away from human connection and into a more static way of interacting with the world around us. I believe that romance isn’t dead- instead, you just have to go out and seek it.”

She adds: “Despite sex work being so highly stigmatized, I love my job because I get to help people rediscover personal connections and intimacy."

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