Melinda Thompson, the attorney of Irish nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady who has been charged with the murder of Rehma Sabir, has told the press that she continues to believe her client’s innocence and is ready for “a real battle, an all-out war.”

Last Friday the charges against the County Cavan native were raised from assault and battery to first degree murder by a Middlesex Court grand jury in Boston. McCarthy Brady, a nanny with 15 years experience, living in the US without papers, is charged with being responsible for the blunt force trauma to the head that caused the baby’s death.

The grand jury’s decision comes after the medical examiner’s report revealed the cause of the child’s death and the police identified that McCarthy Brady was the sole adult with baby Sabir during the time that these injuries must have occurred.

Thompson has yet to see the X-rays and medical reports. This new information will all be evaluated by the defense team’s medical experts before trial.

She told the Boston Herald, “This is going to be a real battle, an all-out war.”

She said McCarthy Brady is “devastated” by the latest charges and added, “My client loved that child very much.

“She says she did not do this. And I believe her.”

Since McCarthy Brady first appeared in court on January 21 Thompson has ferociously maintained her client's innocence. From the start she attempted to have her $500,000 bail reduced and maintained that it was levied because of the nanny’s immigration status.

Although her lawyer believes her not guilty plea, others are not so convinced. A Boston defense lawyer Stephen J. Weymouth, said the first degree murder charge was expected.

He told the Boston Globe, “I never thought once that there would be anything other than this outcome.”

The indictment of a first degree murder charge pushes the issue out of the district court’s jurisdiction and on to the superior court. Weymouth estimates that it could take 15 to 18 months before McCarthy Brady’s case goes to court.