The seasonal summer service flights provided by Air Canada between Dublin and Toronto are now to be increased in a year-round service which will be provided by an low-cost offshoot of the Airline named Rouge.

Air Canada Rouge will take over this route from Air Canada on May 1, 2014 and bookings will become available as soon as June 2013. Until this time, reveals that Air Canada will proceed to operate the route from May 17, 2013, to September 30, 2013.

Air Canada is hoping that their Rouge offshoot will be able to generate more profit than its parent airline by providing more seats on the Rouge aircrafts. The Rouge fleet is set to have 20 percent more seats than Air Canada. The airline also hopes that lower wages and more flexible working rules will help their profits, the Irish Independent reports.

Ben Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Air Canada has said, “Today, there is a very strong market for both leisure customers and visiting friends and relatives, so this is an ideal market for our new leisure carrier, Air Canada Rouge, to operate more cost effectively on a year-round basis.”

Dublin is the fourth European destination announced for Air Canada Rouge which will also fly to Edinburgh, Venice and Athens. The year-round service will be competition for Irish airline Aer Lingus who have previously mentioned Canada’s importance in their list of priorities. Aer Lingus, who will be releasing their first quarter results this week as well as holding its annual general meeting, have been eyeing up their prospective business in Canada for some time now and will now have to factor Air Canada Rouge into its plans.

Dublin Airport Authority strategy director Vincent Harrison has said that the decision was "excellent news" for both business and leisure travellers between the countries, The Irish Independent reports.