Aer Lingus is looking to track down an American based Irish nurse and the baby she delivered on board a 747 jet 39 years ago.

Jackie Ryan was an air hostess with the Irish national carrier when she helped to deliver Patrick Loureiro in the upper lounge of an Aer Lingus 747.

A qualified nurse who later emigrated to America, Jackie was part of an all-Irish crew on the chartered flight from Mozambique to the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Now Aer Lingus is looking to find the 39-year-old Patrick Loureiro – named after the plane called St Patrick – and the nurse and doctor who delivered him aboard the Jumbo Jet.

The Irish Sun reports that the airline has taken to the internet to search for Patrick, born on the flight on July 9, 1975.

Aer Lingus believes Patrick is the only child ever born on one of its flights and wants to celebrate the fact ahead of his 40th birthday.

A post on the Aer Lingus Facebook page said: “Can you help us to find Patrick? We are trying to trace the first and possibly the only baby born on board an Irish plane.

“If you can help us find him, get in touch! Otherwise, simply have a read of a great story from this day in 1975.”
Patrick’s mother Maria went into labour three hours into the long haul flight.

Maria was taken into the upstairs lounge of the jet which was turned into an emergency maternity unit.

Ryan, a qualified nurse, and a medic on board called Dr Antonio Fachada, delivered the baby, much to delight of the 393 passengers.

The report says the newborn infant continued the rest of his journey wrapped up in a steward's shirt and blanket.

Aer Lingus believes Jackie went on to work as a nurse in the United States.