On St. Patrick’s Day, as the world celebrated Ireland’s national holiday with parades and pints and green apparel, IrishCentral got an additional reason to cheer.

Ad Week is the most influential ad publication covering the USU media. FishbowlNY, AdWeek’s excellent blog about the New York media landscape, declared on Thursday that “IrishCentral properly owns St. Patrick’s Day.”

Thanks, lads!

“Beyond today’s parade and a bar after work like McSorley’s Old Ale House, few places better reflect the spirit of March 17th than the corner of the Manhattan Internet that lies beyond the shingle irishcentral.com,” wrote Richard Horgan.

The post took a look at our homepage stories on the afternoon of St. Patrick’s Day, in addition to our most read stories of the day.

It also highlighted the article “A St. Patrick’s Day message from Ireland: Thank you, America” – one of our personal favorites too – and commented “There’s so much to enjoy.”

The month of March, and St. Patrick’s Day especially, is consistently a high traffic time for IrishCentral, thanks to our dedicated 3 million monthly readers and the added influx of people taking an interest in all things Irish thanks to the month that’s in it. In turn, we strive to deliver content that’s interesting to both out loyal audience and readers who are newer to the Irish culture and diaspora.

IrishCentral was also recently noted by Huffington Post Business in their Content Calendar Series, as one of the top 10 sites with the highest social shares in March 2015

This wasn’t the first time IrishCentral has received a nod from Fishbowl. Back in January 2014, they published a post praising a personal essay by Sean Dunne, who had just joined the IrishCentral team at the time. The essay, which is well worth revisiting, delved into his decision to leave Ireland right after receiving his master’s degree in journalism, and come to New York. (Dunne is still producing great work, now back in Ireland as a journalist for the Irish Daily Mail).

Our most popular stories for St. Patrick’s Day 2016 included:

Of course, we wouldn't have achieved this without those who read and share our content and keep coming back for more. Thank you IrishCentral readers, and here's to more great stories throughout the year!

Go maire sibh an chéad! (That you’ll live a hundred years!)

If you missed any of our St. Patrick’s Day coverage, you can catch up with it here.