A social worker has visited Maureen O’Hara, the star of “The Quiet Man” after abuse allegations were made concerning her care.

Members of Maureen O’Hara’s family have been threatened with lawsuits after they protested how the 92-year-old screen icon was being treated by her personal assistant, the Sunday World has reported. Her PA, Carolyn Murphy, has power of attorney over O’Hara.

The social worker reported that the frail star was suffering from short-term memory loss but was unharmed.

However, the feud has resulted in three resignations from the Maureen O’Hara foundation.

Among the allegations made were that O’Hara, who has been in poor health, was being forced to make too many public appearances for the foundation, which is seeking to set up a major film school in her name.

Carolyn Murphy meanwhile has threatened to gag family members in a defamation lawsuit she has taken out.

Local elected representative Noel Harrington has stated that he was “disappointed” to hear of the dispute, which has rocked the picturesque town of Glengarriff where O’Hara lives.

Family members are still furious at what they claim are pressures being piled on O’Hara.

O’Hara, who has lived in West Cork for some time, also suffers from Type 2 Diabetes and uses a wheelchair.

Cathy O'Regan, a social worker responsible for protecting the elderly, visited O’Hara and discussed the serious allegations made about her treatment.

O'Regan found her well; "Maureen made it clear that no-one puts pressure on her," she stated categorically in a report last month, which also claimed that Maureen suffers from "short-term memory loss".