The former IMF chief accused of sexually assaulting a maid in a top New York hotel is under house arrest in a $500,000-a-month townhouse in the upmarket Tribecca neighborhood of Manhattan.

On Wednesday night Dominique Strauss-Kahn moved to the his new location, in one of New York’s most expensive areas.

The banker posted a $6 million bail while he awaits trial on suspicion of sexual assault and attempted rape.

His new home has three storeys, four bedrooms, five bathrooms representing a big step up from his cramped isolation cell where he was held in Rikers Island last week.
Strauss-Kahn smiled at onlookers on Wednesday night as he escorted by  two guards to his new abode.

Eating like a king, he reportedly ordered a $242.79 steak dinner from the nearby Landmarc, which was signed for by his daughter Camille, according to the Daily Mail.
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The French man is free to roam the 6,800 square-foot property and avail of its new outdoor terrace but is confined by a GPS-powered ankle bracelet, to ensure he remains under house arrest.

Yesterday five police cars were stationed outside the modern property.

Neighbors in the affluent area of downtown Manhattan responded to the news of their new neighbor.

Ron Ervolino told the Daily Mail: “We choose to live here because we like it quiet. I don’t think anyone wants this much attention. I’m very disappointed. I’m in shock he’s here.”

Also a banker, Framk Licciardello said the former IMF boss was receiving special treatment.

“He is being treated special. If that was me I would be sitting in a jail.

“It is all families around here with children. Look what he has created here – we’ve now got to pay for extra police protection.”

The Tribecca townhouse which is new home for Dominique Strauss-Kahn� AFP/GETTY IMAGES