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Buy your own Irish Island for the price of a family home

Fancy owning a private island off the unspoilt coasts of Ireland? Well now you can choose between three beautiful private islands with all their historical glory to have as your own.

Even with Ireland's crippling economic downturn you can still buy a private Irish island for the same price as a 2 bedroom terraced house in Dublin city. Three of Ireland's many islands are on sale at privateislandonline.com, a website aimed at the rich and famous...READ MORE

‘In Treatment’ star Gabriel Bryne says he is ‘extremely anti-Catholic

Gabriel Byrne described himself as "extremely anti-Catholic" and "very much an atheist" in a recent interview.

The “In Treatment” star talked about "the craziness" of many religious beliefs, before delivering a scathing attack on the Catholic Church in an interview with the Guardian newspaper....READ MORE

Irish town may become UFO hotspot says major website

Boyle in Roscommon Ireland may be the latest UFO hot spot in the world according to the respected site "latestufo-sightings.net."

The editor of the site notes that " Roswell, New Mexico has already established itself as a landmark for those interested in Extra-Terrestrial life forms, and other UFO hot spots exist around the globe; now Boyle, Ireland is going to attempt to do the same."...READ MORE

Sharon Chanon Velázquez strikes plea with MA court in Phoebe Prince case

Sharon Chanon Velázquez (17) has struck a plea deal with the Massachusetts prosecutors in the Phoebe Prince bulling court case. Another four students charged in the suicide case have agreed to submit plea deals to the court.

If Velázquez's agreement is accepted by the judge this would be the first criminal case resolved with relation the 15-year-old County Clare student's suicide.A source close to the teen's plea negotiations told the Associated Press the deals are expected to be presented in court next week, where they must be approved by a judge...READ MORE

Irish disgusted by IRA's threats on police officers and Queen’s visit

The IRA have threatened to kill more police officers and said that the Queen's upcoming visit to Ireland is an insult. The IRA believes that Queen Elizabeth II is guilty of war crimes.

Tanaiste (Vice Prime Minister) Eamon Gilmore said he was absolutely disgusted by the IRA's comments with relation to threatening to killer more police officers...READ MORE


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