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Three other victims of Long Island’s Craigslist Killer revealed

New York City authorities have now discovered nine bodies in the same coastal area in Long Island since December 2010. Police believe the killings are the work of a new "Craiglist Killer" targeting prostitutes who advertise on the online classifieds website...READ MORE

Top ten greatest places in Ireland to visit

Dublin can be heaven….especially on a sunny summer’s morning in Stephen’s Green, or a stroll down Grafton Street, the main shopping fare, and breakfast in Beweley’s coffee shop where you will feel like you have stepped back in time...READ MORE

Major cancer break through reported by Irish researchers

Irish researchers have come up with a way to kill off cancer cells by starving them to death.

The researchers at Queen's University Belfast expect human trials to begin in 12 months to test their new discovery...READ MORE

Did Titanic’s greatest coward dress as a woman to escape the sinking ship?

A new play intends to shed light on the man who has gone down as one of the greatest cowards of the 20th century.

Liverpool born, Joseph Bruce Ismay was one of the owners of the Titantic who managed to escape the sinking liner when it sank on April 15, 1912. He later moved to Connemara in County Galway after he was publicly shunned for his mutiny...READ MORE

Irish police officers under investigation for ‘rape’ comments - POLL

Three Irish police officers are under investigation after joking about the ‘rape’ of two female protesters arrested at the Shell Corrib gas line in Mayo.

The three – a sergeant and two officers – were caught on microphone laughing and joking about threatening sex attacks on two women they had just arrested...READ MORE