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Bill Maher goes after Sarah Palin in tirade

Sarah Palin became the target for a tirade by the comedian and political commentator Bill Maher during his HBO show last Friday night…..READ MORE

Irish woman carrying her father’s child claims they’re in love

Last year Penny Lawrence (28) tracked down her long-lost father Garry Ryan (46). Lawrence is now pregnant with his child and claims to be in love with her father….READ MORE

New warning about ‘Celtic Curse’ blood iron disease

It is known as the Irish disease and Sandra Thomas who runs the American Hemochromatosis Society in Florida is urgently seeking to alert Irish Americans to its dangers….READ MORE

NY Archbishop Dolan to recommend Irish seminary at Maynooth be closed

New York's Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan will submit a report to Pope Benedict XVI which is expected to recommend that all Irish priests be trained in the Pontifical Irish College in Rome according to the Irish Catholic newspaper….READ MORE

Niall O'Dowd: A glimpse at the afterlife? What dying patients see and feel ---New Irish study gives fascinating insights into the last moments

What happens when you die? A fascinating new insight was given in a new study highlighted in theIrish Times called “Capturing the Invisible: Exploring Deathbed Experiences in Irish Palliative Care,” by researchers Una MacConville and Regina McQuilla….READ MORE

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